Conducted Placement Drive @ GIIT, Gr Noida

List of Shortlisted Students: –

1) Anuj Kumar (MCA), GIIT,Gr Noida
2) Anurag Gupta (BCA), IP College,BSR
3) Avinash Singh (MCA), GIIT,Gr Noida
4) Deshraj Singh (MCA), GIIT,Gr Noida
5) Himani Pathak (BCA), IP College,BSR
6) Mayank Aggarwal (BBA), GIIT,Gr Noida
7) Mukesh Kumar (BBA), IP College,BSR
8) Pawan Gaur (BCA), IP College,BSR
9) Pooja Rani (BBA), IP College,BSR
10) Shankar (BCA), GIIT,Gr Noida
11) Shivam (BCA), GIIT,Gr Noida
12) Vikas Chauhan (BCA), GIIT,Gr Noida

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