Cellphone Use in Schools: Need Vs Distraction

Cellphone Use in Schools

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

The basic building blocks of an individual are derived majorly from the learnings received at school. From A to Z, from 1 to 10, from left to right, school teaches it all. Now imagine Facebook, YouTube, selfies in the midst of all these. Sounds out of context, doesn’t it? Yes, we are trying to point towards a hot topic of cellphones use in schools. Debatable? Indeed, and we shall find out.

Cellphone Use in Schools: A Need

  • I need to be connected to my family and reachable at all times.

  • In case of an emergency, it will enable me to call for help.

  • I can take help of mobile internet to get a better idea of the things taught during school lectures.

  • I can click pictures of my classmates and save the sweet memories forever.

Cellphone Use in Schools: A Distraction

  • School is not the place to use technology.
  • Schools have emergency facilities including phones.
  • Your family members can reach you at all times even during school hours.
  • It is a place which is meant to study and not for clicking pictures and using social media

The reason behind providing a ‘pros and cons’ analysis is to have a healthy discussion while coming to a steady conclusion which is not skewed either way.

Cellphone Use in Schools

Referring to the opening line, technology has infiltrated our lives largely, so much that now we even measure our steps using it. We fail to imagine life without our smartphones or even our laptops. Moving up the ladder of growth, we get subsumed, for it to take away our natural instinct. So, why start the process as early as in school? The basic touch-point with education, school is what lays the foundation of our mental being, gives us lifelong friends and makes us dream about the future without the worries that lie ahead in our lives. It is a given that phones will eventually be like a separate organ to most of us, but that requirement does not seem to be knocking on the door during school.

More a Fad, Risk Than a Necessity

Do you believe that a school-going student between the ages of 10 to 17 really requires a cell phone? Whom does he/she need to contact during school hours? Parents most probably, but can that not be done via the school in case of an emergency? It surely can and in fact, should be done.

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If a teen carries a cellphone to school, it is most probably for clicking photos or even surfing through social media rather than making calls. This is, however, putting it mildly, we are discounting the extensive use of the mobile internet for accessing adult content which is not uncommon during teenage.

Restricted Usage

Cellphone Use in Schools

Taking an easier stance, how can we allow students to get phones to schools without them using it? A simple approach would be to check students for phones in the morning and keep it safe with the school authority. The same can be returned when the students are leaving for the day. The obvious constraint is the amount of additional time and resources spent for this activity including the financial burden of employing people, and getting the additional infrastructure to keep the phones safe until the day is over. However, with the growing needs of the society and constant urge to stay connected, this might not be a very distant idea worth considering.


Cellphone use in schools is evident in today’s tech-savvy world but introducing it at such an early phase is a serious encroachment in the student’s education and thought process. It can be and should be curtailed by certain pro-active initiatives from the school authorities.

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