Privileged Childhood – A Birth Right of Every Child

One fine morning, you sit with your daily dose of coffee in that nook of your balcony, the morning sun smiling at you. You travel back in time to ask yourself 'When was the last time you felt so blessed?' and your answer takes a form of a memory with you as a ten-year-old riding on your cycle in the backyard. Your milkman arrives and lifts you up with utmost care when you are too young to realize his filthiest touches. Blows up your mind, doesn't it? Isn't it our responsibility to give our children a privileged childhood?

Privileged Childhood is a Birth Right of Every Child

Privileged Childhood

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Let's Face It

Going through the difficult period of growing up children face such situations. Abuse can be of emotional, physical and verbal form can take a toll on child's mental health and perception of the world. It's important to observe mood swings and any sudden changes in order to put an end to it. Parents should be attentive to their child's behaviour and take steps in accordance.

Privileged Childhood

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What Does the Statistics Say?

That 1 in 5 boys and 1 in 3 girls are abused before they turn 18! Regardless of religion, nationality, and gender, this form of crime is growing at an alarming rate.

More cruelty is seen for age group below 12. Death rates due to abuse is a number of great grievances. According to WHO in 2014 41,000 deaths were noted under the age of 15. At 15, children are barely ready to reject such advances. Some form of instruction or information needs to be given in order to shatter this practice.

Movies as a Medium of Mass Communication

When film industry and movie business came about in late nineteenth century, popular stories (traditional and devised), action plots were put into amuse people and make money. Thus began the journey of films to influence people's minds and soon it became a medium of career. Famous plays were enacted on screen with dedicated actors and it became a part of the study for some people. People started getting under its due (let's say) 'message' and story-line. Dialogue of actors got popular which people started using in daily life making it all the very exciting to go watch movies again. Good as well as bad effects can be seen in society. From classic 'romance' to modern 'dates'-movies have gone through drastic changes and going still. Society acts, changes and responds to messages conveyed through the movies. It thus becomes important to know how grade of society can be decided through movies opted by it. Social awareness can be provoked in such a fashion to yield greater results.

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With child abuse and harassment on its rise, creative minds can come together to send this message to society. It becomes pivotal to act on the subject and take prompt action. Child education can be useful and help arrest such alarming rates of its statistics. Not that help groups are available, informing children about the cause can get equally difficult. With more exposure on the subject parents might get involved and try to have a healthy conversation with children. It is the need of an hour to bring this subject in limelight and act upon it. Making a use of mass communication media might help in making society aware of this fact and not bury one's head in the sand. It's duly appropriate and justified to bring such contents in picture and movies. Only then can crime rates be controlled.

Let the abusers know its dangers and the parents, its severity. With film industry in its prime, such social messages can be babbled out to make positive changes in society and give our children a privileged childhood. Then probably the world can be a better place to live in.

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