Best Nursery Schools in West Delhi for your Children!

Nursery schooling is an important aspect of a child's life which is why we're going to list down some of the best schools in West Delhi.

Why is nursery schooling necessary for our children? Some significant reasons are:

1. Brain development is high during first four years of of life, so it is very important that children are monitored and helped in forming an understanding and wanting to learn new information.

2. Structure is vital for the young children and they thrive in a loving environment with stimulating colors, sounds, various activities and books.

3. Social skills are very important to life, and the earlier they learn, the better off they are.

Considering all this, it’s crucial that the school we choose for our child is up to par.

Best Nursery Schools in West Delhi for your Children

Some of the best schools in West Delhi for Nursery Admissions are:

Delhi International School:

Delhi International School was founded by Mr. Ravi Goyal, and has grown tremendously over the years. With campuses all over the country as well as abroad, it is one of the best schools available for nursery admissions in West Delhi.

It has an astronomy club, journalism society, abacus club(math club) and computer labs equiped with all the necessary learning experiences. 

Best Schools in West Delhi
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Mira Model School:

Mira Model School was founded in May, 1972, affiliated with CBSE and set up by Oberoi Education Society. Mira Model School makes it its priority to teach computers as the new era demands extensive leaning of it. It also has a lot of clubs for extra-curricular for the mental as well as physical growth of children. 

Spic Macay Club in which students learn about classical musci, dance and cultural heritage.

Interact Club is a club for society welfare purposes and children perform various activities such as Blood Donation Drive, Cleanliness Drive etc. 

Literary Society motivates educated society to teach at least one person who can't afford education

And many more such societies, to help a student groom. This is another one of the Best Schools in West Delhi.

Best Schools in West Delhi
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Saint Francis De Sales School:

It is a Catholic School that offers a nurturing and caring environment for chidren. School was founded in 1949 and has been providing first class eduction to thousands of students since.

Some of the societies there are Athletic society, Drama, Choir, After school care. They also have an Academic Decathlon, which involves areas of study such as Mathematics, Theoretical and Empirical Sciences, Literature, English/Grammar, Religion, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Music, Art History, Geography, Current Events, Speech, Spelling, Logic and Reasoning. 

Their school motto is "defined by the A's". 

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Guru Nanak Public School:

Guru Nanak Public School was founded by Mr. Jasbir Singh Ryait and Mr. Surinder Singh Ryait, sons of  Baba Gurmukh Singh Ji an entrepreneur who started by manufacturing Bicycle Components. Lifetime of knowledge and wisdom was passed on to his sons who then paid attention to social issues such as education.

GNPS provides medical facilities, school conveyance and hostel for out stationed students. As for extra-curricular activities, it has Art activities, music, school band, dance, needle work, bhangra, rangoli, yoga.


These were just some of the best schools in West Delhi, happy schooling!


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