Changes that are needed to revamp the education and medical sectors

Education is considered to be the soul of our society. Everyone, every girl, boy or adult should be literate it not just forms a basis to have a good career but it helps one in handling day to day life issues. Education plays a very important role in uplifting people from poverty; improve his/her lifestyle or standard of living.
The focus should be on giving knowledge but present-day system more focuses more on the score than on knowledge. The present generation is completely different from the generation for which our education system was designed. The current education system is not keeping up with current needs of education. We are in dire need of extensive changes in Indian education system.

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Positive side and negative side of the education system

Talking about the positive side of the education system students are made to go through the lot many exams to analysis our strengths and weakness. Indian school teaches the basic of all the subjects with an annual system to help slow learners. Emphasis on practical knowledge has increased.
Like every system, the even current education system has its problems. Emphasis is more on memorizing the fact rather than understanding the concepts and completely relying on the textbook. Students have no freedom to think creatively and to question the content in the text.

Changes to revamp the education system

To start with Indian government needs to invest in infrastructure and training programs for teachers. Students should be exposed to economic and societal problems in the world. Exams should be in a way that students understanding of the subject can be assessed. Our attitude towards marks and grades need to be changed. The teacher should encourage logical thinking and creativity in students.

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