Engineers without Engineering

Having been part of more than 700 interviews conducted in 3 months in various engineering colleges (15) in various regions of NCR for more than 50 clients, the common observation has been that the students have no interest in what they are being trained for. Lakhs of engineers being churned out of the system with zero technical skills is due to them taking up engineering without having the aptitude or the attitude for it.

This entire process was very exciting, funny and full of knowledge regarding the thinking of the current generation of upcoming engineers. Fifty percent of the students had no idea why they were doing engineering and they don’t want to go 1 inch outside their engineering syllabus to explore the engineering concepts.

They seemed completely driven by peer pressure or parental pessure into engineering, rather than a well thought decision. This was proven by their results as most of them had 90% in 10th, 80% in 12th and then the percentage further decreased drastically in engineering. Most have them had around 65 % in their engineering. This proves existence of lack of interest or various types of distraction.

Second important thing that I have observed is lack of focus and domain awareness. In final year students become very desperate for job, only things that matter to them is company and money, not the work they are doing or they are going to do. They also seemed confused on the latest technology going on in the market or what project to make in their final semester.

Adding to this, they can now see their huge weakness in engineering basics because of past 3 years of engineering. All these things add up and create chaos in their mind and a huge load of hard work is now suddenly needed to fill all the gaps.

But thanks to the ever evolving IT industry, students have option which can help them escape this situation easily. IT industry provide various options to candidates like Business Development, content writing, business analyst etc. etc.

These profiles require little part of engineering knowledge and more of communication, both written and verbal.

Due to the fact that they have gained good knowledge on these (English written and comm.) in their 10th and 12th standards, most of the young engineers are now thinking of these options as professions rather than being core engineers.

I don’t know whether their decision is good or bad, only time can tell, but for now this seems good, as we are breaking the traditional thought process that engineer should be engineer only.

This has a good news for various business houses also as now a days we have very small number or nearly no experts training into these profiles and industry have a huge demand for such talent.

So let's see how market behaves to this new demand and how these new career options will go in the longer run.


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