Common Mistakes Made During UPSC Exams and How to Avoid Them

Every one of us is well aware of the fact that preparation of UPSC deals with a significant dedication and commitment. While preparing for UPSC exams, it is imperative for every candidate to follow a customised timetable and be serious towards their aim. But in reality, people tend to fall into some of these UPSC Exams common mistakes more often than not.

How to Avoid UPSC Exams Common Mistakes

While most people will recommend effective strategies to adopt during your entire preparation duration, here is an article highlighting the common mistakes, which can prove costly in preparation for your civil service exam

UPSC Exams Common Mistakes

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1) Sourcing Content From the Wrong Books

This is undoubtedly a major mistake that most of us can make while preparing for such a prime exam. With so many coaching institutes catering to the UPSC teachings, it is quite difficult to filter relevant and focused material for cracking the exam. Each institution promises and commits to providing a focussed content for UPSC exam. But, it's necessary to filter your sources properly. Investing time and hard work on the wrong books is the last thing you want. Hence, you must survey and identify the right reading material. Refer to recommendations from a maximum of experts for choosing the most intensive and focused content for your preparation.

2) Not Framing Organized Notes

Yes, although a clichéd point to discuss, it is necessary nonetheless. When you study, what is the most important thing to do is not your full concentration or your hard work, it’s the notes that you will make while studying that holds top priority. UPSC syllabus is too vast, and the content is extensive also. Devouring information from all sources with a lack of proper planning will create clutter in your mind. Remembering everything is a difficult enough feat, but if notes are correctly framed for appropriate topics and suitable subjects, then they will be the ones that will come to your rescue in your moments of uncertainty.

UPSC Exams Common Mistakes

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3) Choosing the Wrong Optional Subject

Going as per the crux of the exam, it's vital to select an appropriate optional subject for oneself. Prelims of USPC exam inevitably follow a vast syllabus, but in the second stage of the exam, i.e. Mains of UPSC, the optional subject chosen is of very much importance. The Mains would also contain descriptive questions of the optional subject chosen by you and writing descriptive answers is anything but easy. You have to be well aware of the facts on the topics of the optional subjects to gain marks. So identify your strengths and your interest to make the right choice.

4) Not Going Through Test Series

It is essential for every candidate to test oneself and their knowledge from time to time. Joining and registering with platforms that cater to providing valuable test series’ is the first thing you must do after you complete the syllabus of UPSC. Since Prelims is an objective paper, there is a considerable probability that relevant questions will appear on your exam as well. Going through test series and appearing in mock tests provides a better overview of the paper patterns and also taps on your weak and strong areas. Joining test series can provide insights on the areas to work hard on. This will also help with your time management skills as well.

5) Not Revising

You Must revise what you study to deliver your best on the D-day. Most of the times, candidates, in order to complete the full course and syllabus of UPSC, skip their revision. Not revising one's well-studied topics is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You won’t be able to strategically recall what you spent hours and days on. Therefore, don’t skip revision, plan it out and make sure you have enough time for proper revision so that you can perform at your best on the D-day.

UPSC Exams Common Mistakes

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Now you are very much aware about the UPSC exams common mistakes and how to avoid them. There are a number of obstacles that will keep appearing in your path as you prepare for your studies and your future. The key is not to lose your calm and focus. Leave aside time to deal with unprecedented hazards. Keep a clear mind and fight them all strategically, one after the other. Once you set your eyes on something with all your heart and mind, success as a prospect is not very far.

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