Impact of TV on Children: A Serious Concern

“The Sooner The Better”, a highly common adage, but seems like today’s generation is perceiving it a wrong way. Every day in newspapers we read about little girls getting raped, boys being harassed, children attempting suicide and the main reason of all this is one: Advancement in technology. We are reaching the pinnacle of our career by spending incessantly in the search of life on the Moon, worrying about climate change, and what not! But in the midst of all this, we are losing out on the most important aspect our lives. Our children need our support, our attention, love, and care. So, let's discuss the impact of TV on children and what we can do to save our next generation from its ill effects.

Impact of TV on Children

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Impact of Television on Child Actors

In this era of digitization, children's are prone to be the target of social abuse. While games like blue whale are claiming the lives of innocent whereas serials like "Pehredar Piya ki" is being bashed ruefully.

At the end, it's the content which matters the most, media is a huge source of child exploitation nowadays with reality shows like dancing superstars, or The Voice, takes away their normal lifestyle from them. Impact of TV on Children At the mere age of five or six which is considered as the halcyon period of a child's life, they work like an adult.

It's the insatiable needs of the society which forces them to capitulate their childhood. Shows like "Pehredar Piya Ki" creates a negative impact on a child where an eight-year-old boy marries an eighteen-year-old girl. This is as ludicrous as it sounds. It's almost impossible to understand the mindset of that child while performing a romantic sequence with his co-star.

Impact of TV on Children

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In India daily soaps are the heart of Indian television, without it, everything seems incomplete, the story never stops, like a spool it goes on and on. The worst part is the child actors who work in these serials. Children below the age of fourteen shouldn't be allowed to act, in something which can harm their innocent soul. It's advisable that parents should be vigilant enough to know what they are getting their children's into.

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Media is more like a labyrinth, if one gets into it, they cannot come out of it without being scared. A child's mind as soft as a cotton ball and as tender as a newly bloomed flower. It needs care and gentle approach. In India, we are overprotective when it comes to our children, but in the midst of making more money, sometimes even knowing what is right and what is wrong, we become blind to the sudden want of money.

Early confrontation of what this world is made of messes up with the mind of the children. It builds up anger within them, which further leads to frustration, irritation and in some cases it might lead to suicide too. In recent years, cases of children committing suicide have increased exponentially due to the easy access of the Internet and the busy lives of their parents. To an extent one cannot entirely blame media, parents are to be blamed equally.

Media Can Save Our Future

If media know how to obliterate a child’s life, it also knows how to save it from this cruel world. Since modernization is making its way into our lives, media can a major role in preventing child abuse. Media is a reservoir of talent, it's full of squalid yet it is a labyrinth of talent and controversy.

Impact of TV on Children

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Children are the kindest soul present on the earth, they will mold the way society, situations, their surroundings want them to, but unfortunately, sometimes our overprotective nature leads to their downfall. While social media is a breath of fresh air, it does have its own cons which nobody can escape.

Children have immense capacity in them to learn things, if the right guidance is given to them, they can create histories. It is just a matter of perception nothing else, it is up to us, what we choose, money at the expense of our child exploitation or his/her bright future with them opportunities to show what is capable of.

Movies: A Pallid Ray Of Hope

Movies like NH-10, That Day After Every Day have addressed the issue of child abuse and eve teasing which is itself a huge movement. T.V shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhan India, Gumrah make children see the ignominious face of our society. Some learn from this and some get influence from this and indulge in heinous activities which they later repine. It is easy said than done, but the least we can do is try and save our future generation. By the pace, people are advancing it seems like that day is not far when children will know how to operate smartphones when are merely 2-3 years old.

It is the time that parents take some time out for their children to know what is going on in their lives, what are the challenges they are facing or what is troubling them. It is important to let them know what is right and what is wrong. Don’t let your child get abused in the midst of making money. The numbers in your account don't matter, what matters is your children’s well-being. Let's take our first step against the ill impact of TV on children.

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