A Better Learning Approach- 10 must read Indian Educational Blogs

The process of learning and acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs, no matter how easy and uncomplicated it looks is undoubtedly the toughest task; both for the seeker and the teacher and yet it happens to be the most important pillar in laying the foundation of a better human. With ages, as when there have been advancements in technology, the mode of education has changed vastly. From the Vedic times, when education was imparted in gurukuls just by the speaking-listening process and implementing in daily life to now when there are many sources, Internet has been the major advent of the technology. It undoubtedly has changed the way people live. The Internet is like an ocean- the depth of which is unfathomable, such vast is the scope of the Internet. The Internet is the quintessential in education now, for it has reformed the age-old way through online learning, educational blogs, personalized learning and various other strategies and tools. 

In a scenario where the Internet is becoming the most powerful tool,  Educational blogs come handy for gaining the much-needed knowledge and to expertise and that too in a personalized manner.

10 Best Indian Educational Blogs to read

1. Propel steps

A generation ahead is always smarter but the thing that matters the most is to remain intact to the very roots of emergence and existence, only then can one attain success in all spheres. It is then that we learn to ‘Talk to the Kings and not lose the common touch’. This educational blog is a unique socio-entrepreneurial enterprise that gives us a link between education and life. The blog thrives to be an isthmus between the advancing technical education and the age-old life lessons. It, therefore, helps in a sustainable growth and development of an individual.

Visit https://propelsteps.wordpress.com/

2. Multicultural Kids Blog

We’ve always learned that a person grows better when he understands people around in a better version. The main aim of the educational blog is to raise world citizens through art, food, activities, craft, and lots of love. It focuses on teaching about diversity to people which helps people to learn about diverse cultures that exist in the world. Not just information about the other cultures also educating people about diverse types of food people eat, the languages they speak, their festivals, marriages, fashion, books etc. Thus bringing people around the world an ounce closer and making them understand things in a better and varied way. Multicultural kids blog is one of a kind blog which is available in a lot of countries namely Austria, Australia, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Italy, India and a lot of other countries.

3. Cards, Craft, Kids Project

School projects are never just the projects of students, in fact, parents too need to do equal arduous work and put in more efforts, if we probe deeper into the actual scenario. This educational blog was started by Dr. Sonia SV with the idea of providing one consolidated platform where parents could easily find ideas for the school projects of their kids. The blog not just provides with the ideas to build interesting projects but it also teaches the value of environment as it also tells the environment-friendly yet interactive and thought-provoking projects. Hence all those who’ve always been in a dilemma of choosing a school project of their kids can refer to this blog.

4. Educational Initiative Blog

First started in 2001, this educational blog now has an experience of over 16 years in the field of education. It has turned out to be one go-to-option to understand and learn all concepts. The main aim of the blog is to enhance and promote the concept of personalized learning. The blog provides with efficient modes and techniques of learning which add to the comfort of the learners. They promote learning through interactive audio-visual tools which help students to increase the level of understanding of the material. The blog is working with top organizations like the World Bank, Azim Premji Foundation, Duke University, Google etc. The teachers associated with the blog, help the seekers satisfy all the queries and doubts and help them develop curiosity and eagerness to know more of the things.

5. A friend of Pratham

Education of children is by far the most important thing in the development of a nation. To ensure literacy of every child in a nation as big as India is a challenge. Even after several government policies, the impact was not satisfactory till 1994, until the Government of India established Pratham Education Foundation. The Pratham Organization has set a benchmark in providing education to the underprivileged children and has now become the leading non-governmental organization in the field of child education. The organization collaborates with many schools, colleges and other NGOs for the upliftment of education standards of such underprivileged children. The educational blog, ‘Friend of Pratham’ showcases the work done by the activists associated with this organization and hence promotes the noble act of lending a helping forward.

A hand for a hand and not an eye for an eye can change the scenario of a developing nation like India.”

Hence this educational blog is a must-read for all those who the slightest instinct of helping others selflessly, who seek pleasure in spreading smiles.

 Visit http://pratham.org/ for futhur details.

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6. Kids Play Box

As the name suggests, this educational blog is completely kids-centric. As a parent or guardian to a tiny trot, it becomes the need of the hour to engage them in some sort of activity which not just keeps them busy but also develops their tender brains and opens it up to learning. A scientific study says that the maximum development of the brain is done during the early years. The blog provides a one roof solution to all these problems faced in parenting. The blog provides many DIY projects, scientific easy-to-implement projects, art-craft work, math activities etc. The blog has all set guidelines hence makes it like ready-to-eat food. This blog caters to kids of all ages and hence becomes a must read.

7. MCQ  Biology

This educational blog is one set destination for all the biology students. It offers multiple choice questions in the subject which cover diverse topics and help the students to test their knowledge and test their strengths and weakness in the subject. Apart from the MCQs the blog also offers various notes, practice papers. As evident, the blog thrives to build a better, handy platform for the students to increase their level of knowledge in the subject. This blog cuts down on the effort of scanning through books for practicing questions and that of referring to extremely lengthy ones for notes. Hence, promoting the generation for e-learning.

For all students preparing for medical entrances, this is the best of all the educational blogs in India.

8. Magic Pathshala Blog

With the advent of the Internet, the mode of learning has changed vastly and impactfully. It has changed the age-old prevalent method off reviewing books, digitalizing learning, bringing forth e-learning.  This blog helps people to learn through the internet. The torch-bearers is a team of people well versed and dedicated to educating people in different disciplines. They do the needful research and bring forth the most effective ways to deliver knowledge to the best of its form. The blog aims at helping seekers to discover their true potential and soar the sky of success flamboyantly. Brands like Britannica, YouTube, Apollo group etc are their global clients.

Visit http://www.magicpathshala.com/blog/

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9. Golesan

“Engineers form the base of a better society.”

The blog is one go-to-solution to all the problems and questions of engineering students and all those from the computing discipline. This blog  is one of the best educationals blogs for engineering students.

10. Lets more education

Entrance Examinations have always been the most important stage in one’s career. However, there always have been lack of a platform which would provide needed information for the same. This blog owned by Nikhil Bille is a solution to this. It provides everything for an examination; date of conduct, venue, preparation tips etc. Hence it saves all time and energy spent in searching online on various websites.

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