How to Make a Career in Cyber security in INDIA

As technology continues to evolve so the threat to cybersecurity and also do the opportunities and challenges it provides. We are at a crossroads as we move from a society already entwined with the internet to the coming age of automation, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. Cyber Security is quickly becoming a hot issue. As a result, professionals are hired to protect data and systems in networks that are connected to the internet.

Career in cybersecurity

Cyber Security will be one of the biggest and fastest job growth areas in the coming decade. This high paying field is demanding and requires the security expert to constantly keep up with growing computer threats, attacks and changing technology.

What are the jobs?

The Job of cybersecurity is to protect data from been hacked by cybercriminals and hackers, who may erase an entire file or someone can steal or modify the information in the file without our knowledge. A computer hacker finds a loophole in the system and breaks in for the information’s, hence that’s where the job of security professional start. To think like a hacker so that he can find loopholes in the system before hacker gets into it.

Cybersecurity has been gaining greater attention in India and has been identified as a key thrust area by the national government. Various initiatives have been taken both by governmental associations and agencies as well as the private sector in order to protect and secure the IT infrastructure assets across the country.

Job Profile

The main job of cybersecurity professional includes job at different levels such as:-

  • Ethical hacking into company network to find out the security loopholes that need to be fixed.
  • Round the clock management of security protocol.
  • Security auditing, that is, compiling a report on company security systems.
  • Creating security policies for the companies.
  • Cyber forensics, that is the investigation of computer crimes /frauds.

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Career Approach

Starting from entry level to the top level, growth is gradual with experience and exposure to new technology.

  1. Entry Level /executive manager whose role is to correlate broad security guidelines of the organization with security operations.
  2. Middle level/ manager whose role is to run security program, data security, policy creation and maintenance in addition to disaster recovery.
  3. Senior / top-level/ chief manager/ security advisor / chief information officer –the main job of top level is to design and development of security policy, advisory services, risk assessment in compliance to global / industry standards and to justify the cost and future investment to mitigate information risks.  Above roles can be performed by different people of the same seniority.


If you’re an enthusiast looking for a career in cybersecurity, I believe that you should start by research on the basic uses and applications of Cybersecurity, follow it up with the function, purpose, and perspectives it has in today’s generation.For the given set of a profile of job graduate in a disciple, especially software engineers are prefered.

  1. Through security certifications- here are the few listed certificate courses as per the different levels

Beginner level:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH | EC-Council, provided by EC-Council
  • CompTIA Security+ Provided by CompTIA

Medium to Advanced Levels:

2. The next approach is through attending and trying out CTF (capture the flag) events

A Cyber Capture the Flag exercise typically resides in the last of these three categories: DOING. CTF attempts to model the defend/attack experience. Time pressures bring into sharp focus theoretical lessons. Competitive forces expose assumptions and flaws in tools and systems constructed in a vacuum.

Expected remuneration

A person with a year’s experience can expect Rs.3 Lakh per annum. Those with 5 years can get up to 8-10 Lakhs. Those with certifications like CISM, CISSP and CISA can expect annual salaries of 100,000 Rs. abroad.

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